5 Best Hidden Camera Apps for Android and iPhone

Turn your mobile into ninja mode!  We’ve gathered 5 of the best spy camera and video apps for both Android and iOS phones. A hidden camera app can turn on your phone’s stealth mode when capturing videos and photos. No shutter or button sounds, and the app

Best Note taking apps for Android and iPhone – Free/Freemium

Collaborative work and taking personal notes has never been easier and convenient. The digital world is full of excellent note taking apps that you can use for free and with premium paid features. Here’s a great list that you can start with. Five best Note taking Apps

Download XBOX Emulator for Android – XBOX 360 Android emulator

Not all games and apps are available on all platforms, and moreover, to other devices. In the case of Xbox and PS3 gamers, we’re restricted and tied with our game consoles. If only you can install same game on your mobile or Android tablet, then you can

Do you know Best Tethering Apps for Android? WiFi Tether App

For people on travel or managing other devices, tethering is a useful feature from mobile phones. Users can connect laptops and tablets online without additional fees or data plan. You can also connect game consoles for added control and gamer experience. Android tethering app or widgets have

Best SMS app for Android? Text messaging apps for android

With people relying heavily on mobile communication, the technology to send text or SMS  (Short Message Service) has also evolved. Different applications have been developed across two of the most used platform today, iOS and Android. For most Android users, using the native SMS application that comes

Best Android Calendar App and Widget (Free and Paid)

With more of your daily activities intertwined with mobile technology, it cannot be avoided to make use of the mobile phone’s calendar app to organize your day. But more than just reminding you of your friend’s birthday or a doctor’s appointment, there are some calendar apps available

Can you use Facetime on Windows? Download Facetime for PC (Windows)

Apple, renowned for its array of sleek and well designed gadgets, has yet again proven their capability of designing innovative and functional applications. Facetime is their corresponding app on online communication systems like Skype, Yahoo or other chat platforms. Why Facetime is so popular? FaceTime allows video calling