10 Blogging Tips for Beginners

Blogging is easy, but starting off can be quite complicated. A good blog can easily attract hundreds of thousands of readers, but there are so many blogs that are already out there. What can you add that no one else can do? Whether it is your unique

Best WordPress Affiliate Marketing themes – Niche WordPress Themes

As technology advances, the number of WordPress affiliate product marketing sites grows exponentially.  Nearly every product that can be imagined (Slow Cookers, Motorcycle Gloves, Shaving Blades, Kitchen Knives) is now being promoted by use of websites and blogs specifically targeting these Niches. These new marketing platforms allow

Top Keyword Research Tools for Online Business Marketing (free/Paid)

Valuable keyword research is vital to the success of your website. Your ranking on popular search engines can either make or break your marketing endeavors. Because of this, understanding your specific market keyword demands is essential to grasping how certain words and phrases can work to your

FatCow Web Hosting – Review and Ratings

Designed to shine a new light on modern web hosting, FatCow Web Hosting is no bull.  This alternative to contemporary hosts removes the techno-jargon, complicated pricing plans, and confusing processes that often plague mainstream options.  Their user friendly approach has been wowing clients since 1998; and the popularity

Best Photography/Portfolio WordPress Themes – Free/Premium

WordPress has dozens, maybe hundreds of themes designed specifically to focus on photo blogging or help you develop an online portfolio. Photos are powerful, (Think Pintrest) and if your business or hobby involved pictures, then you might want to consider choosing a theme that allows your users

Who, What, and Why : WordPress Hosting – VPS, Shared, Managed

Thanks to WordPress, most of us know how to pick our dream template to create a professional looking website. But when it comes to WordPress hosting, a lot of users are left in the dark. Luckily there are a lot of hosting companies who have tailored their

Bluehost Review – The King of Shared Web Hosting

In order to get quality web hosting, most savvy administrators will jump at the chance to link up with Bluehost.  This reputable company has been offering web hosting solutions to individuals and businesses for nearly twenty years. What’s more, the price tag on services is highly competitive,

Increase Maximum File Upload Size in WordPress on DigitalOcean

Today while I am migrating my ProDomainBlog from Justhost shared hosting to Digital Ocean VPS hosting I had couple of problems one big among them is “The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini” message. I got this error message while I am installing my WordPress