Best Android Emoji Keyboard

Keyboard applications for android are one of these days trends for many people all over the world. The increasing growth of many applications like keyboard apps with emoji are greatly known to be one of the most enjoyed applications by many android user. Through installing this emoji keyboard, chatting s features, sending emails and texts messages could be more exciting. If you are looking forward to search for the list of Best Android Emoji Keyboard, then here are the following:

Go Keyboard

Free- packed features of keyboard with lots of options for themes, emoji and emotions, Go Keyboard provide such amazing features for the best android emoji keyboard that you have been looking for. There are lots of options for the layout formats that you may use too. As for the experiences of many people who have installed and tried this emoji keyboard, they found their selves to be using a great application for an installed emoji keyboard on their android devices. In addition, the typing feature of the Go Keyboard is extremely fast.

Best Android Emoji Keyboard - Go Keyboard

SwiftKey Keyboard

Do you want you have the most accurate emoji keyboard? If yes, then Swiftkey has its title for being the best- selling keyboard application from the past years of its existence. If it is being paid before, it is now available for free and further developed with amazing emoji. Aside from that, there is also this best feature of Swiftkeyboard has this using this prediction feature wherein when typing the sentence and the words you want to complete, you will be given suggested words that you can naturally include to the text message you will send.

Best Android Emoji Keyboard -SwiftKey Keyboard

Minuum Keyboard

The best thing about this emoji keyboard is that, it provides great typing performance that is quite unstable or accurate for some other applications. This is somehow one of the reason many are choosing this as their option for best android emoji keyboard. As it has also its unique approach, this emoji keyboard apps changed its layout for a traditional keyboard for having the screen space. As you have decided to choose this and then install on your android phone, this free version will allow you to tryit within 30 days. After that, you have to purchase its full version to have continues use of this app.

Swype Keyboard Free

Unlike Siwftkey which doesn’t have its flow feature, this keyboard app for android is the best choice. Yet, you have to know that you have to use its paid full version to enjoy more. The same as with Minuum, this has its 30 days trial. It also has an accurate prediction feature and stable performance for typing feature.

SlideIT Free Keyboard

It is also one of the best option for an emoji keyboard as it has its great options for the themes and emoji. It didn’t came up to be like the other best android emoji keyboard out there when it comes to prediction feature but overall, it is a good choice for you to try.

These best android emoji keyboard provides the best options you have when you are looking for one. In case you want to know how they work, you are always free to get them for free or with a specific amount.