Best SMS app for Android? Text messaging apps for android

With people relying heavily on mobile communication, the technology to send text or SMS  (Short Message Service) has also evolved. Different applications have been developed across two of the most used platform today, iOS and Android. For most Android users, using the native SMS application that comes with their chosen mobile phone may be not enough. There are several options available, but what makes an app the best SMS app for Android? Check out the list below

Best SMS App for Android:

Chomp SMS:

For someone who has been using their standard app and doesn’t want to veer away from what they have been accustomed to, Chomp is a great alternative. Developed by Delicious Inc., the same company who developed Textra SMS (see next SMS app below), this app is packed with features that make texting more fun and convenient.

Its color notification can be customized; it has a huge set of emojis, passcode app lock for security and compatibility with Pushbullet, an app where you can continue texting from your phone to your computer. Another functionality that heavy text users may find quite useful and pocket-friendly is that Chomp runs its own network separate form your carrier’s texting service. Instead of paying extra on going overboard from the allotted text messages of your carrier, Chomp can allow you to send and receive text messages (through data plan) even to those who are not using Chomp.

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Chomp SMS for Android

Textra SMS:

Another app published by Delicious Inc., Textra toned down the bulk of features that Chomp has. With its minimalist interface, obvious in its limited themes, Textra has remained solid in terms of its functionality and efficiency without the overwhelming feel of having tons of features. Chomp’s noticeable feature is its ability to send scheduled text messages, it has a quick reply pop up box and landscape keyboard is also available for easy typing. With its simplicity, it is no doubt that an ex-Chomp user can notice that everything works faster.

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Textra SMS app


Developed by a company based in Egypt, HoverChat was built as an SMS app replacement that offers a different texting environment. Earlier called as Ninja SMS, Hoverhchat wants to make messaging a social activity that runs side by side with other things that you do with your mobile phone. Its strength comes with its multi-tasking workflow, allowing users to read and reply to incoming messages without leaving the ongoing session. The message box transparency can be adjusted so that you can see other things going on the background such as browsing the web or playing a video.

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Hover - Texting message app for Android


For mobile users running on low memory, Handcent maybe the best Android SMS app alternative since it will only consume 3MB of the device’s internal memory. Features found in Handcent include message scheduling, privacy box and also blocking of incoming texts. Since its update to 6.0 the interface has dramatically changed coming from iPhone’s bubbly-look, it resembles now like the rest of Android messaging apps with “flattened” look and it also includes a sliding navigation drawer, allowing the user to access settings or read new messages.

Handcent SMS


The developers of Hello decided not to join the bandwagon of feature packed SMS apps. It is dedicated to provide users with a clutter-free and easy to use app with just the essential features to enhance efficiency and improve productivity. Hello is a straight-forward messaging app that highlights its being intuitive through its highly organized tabs, that can display not just the initials of the contact but also their Facebook profile picture. Being consistent to its being user-friendly, Hello will allow you to responds to messages easily with its instant action feature. When you receive a text, three icons will appear underneath the message: reply, mark as read (just like in emails) or call.

Hello texting app for Android


If you have been using Google + Hangout for a long time, switching to Evolve and adapting to its environment will not be difficult. The style layout for messages can be customized and mimic that of Hangout’s. Aside from this, pictures of your contacts can be integrated with profile pictures found on your contacts’ Facebook or Google+.  Adding to this set of features Evolve also supports Light Flow, an app that customizes the notification for your individual contacts, as many as you want. You can personalize the ringtone, LED color and even the vibrate pattern.

All of the apps mentioned above are FREE to download but most of them are not ad-free and additional features may come with a price. For you to know which is the best Android SMS app that is perfect for your needs, take time to test it before doing any upgrades or app-in purchases.