Best VPN for Android Phones and Tablets – Free VPN Apps to keep your data private – PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN

How many times have you experienced getting an error message on a website when others can access it without any problems? Or when you troubleshoot and uninstall an app while traveling and unable to download it again due to regional restrictions? VPN systems are boon to those who need access to blocked sites and apps at Google Play, Amazon App Store and other secured websites. Here are some of the best free VPN for Android that we’ve gathered based on these categories:

  • Allows you to access videos, music, and apps that are not available on your country or location. Whether you’re from another region on the world trying to access blocked US sites or when you’re traveling, VPN can mask your IP and set a different location for access on geographically blocked websites like Netflix, Hulu, Google Apps etc.
  • Provides access to websites that were previously blocked because of IP class filters. Some web-hosts and servers block sets of IP address classes and can be very inconvenient and frustrating. Everything might be working fine the first time you visit a website, however next day, you may be blocked already. This can also be either due to the geographical location or your IP address class might have been included in filters or firewalls.
  • Easy to install, user-friendly interface and has options on which country you’ll be set to look like you’re from. Some sites are limited to the viewers that are from same country. Most VPN systems can set your public IP to look like you’re from US, UK, CA or other countries.
  • Protocols and Encryption – Most users switch to VPN systems for security. We’re looking for online firewalls and encryptions that will let you mask your IP address, secure your personal information as well as protection from ads and hackers. Most free VPN apps support protocols like PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN. For more sophisticated systems, you might want to get a paid account with SSTP and SSL support.
  • Speed-test results – We all know that sharing protocols like P2P, PPTP eats up download speed of any internet connection. VPN systems should not limit or throttle any of your download and upload speed.
  • Customer support – We’re looking for apps with 24/7/365 customer support whether on free subscription or a paid one. It can be via chat, email or phone support.

Best VPN for Android Phones and Tablets | Free VPN app for your Samsung, HTC and Motorola Android devices:

CyberGhost VPN:

Unlimited bandwidth with a free account? Can this be true? Yes, we’re all not dreaming. CyberGhost VPN does not limit the data and traffic on your connection, however it does have an auto-disconnect feature every 3 hours. If you don’t mind reconnecting again and again, then this is certainly the best! It also offers 256-bit encryption for your privacy and has hundreds of servers in 24 different locations around the world.

In need of privacy and proxy service? CyberGhost VPN also supports numerous protocols for security. PPTP VPN is supported, as well as L2TP and Open VPN. Although this may not be much compared to other paid services that offer SSTP or SSL, this certainly still is a great free tool for online privacy enthusiasts.

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Tunnel Bear:

This impressive VPN app can unlock websites and keeps your physical data private. Very easy to install and use, all you need to do it create a free account that takes less than 2 minutes. Once confirmed, load the app on your device. There are two options –UK and US, and the interface is really easy to use, you just need to twist the ON/OFF knob and set the country. Once connected you’ll see the key icon on the notifications area and if you check your IP location, it’ll now display US or UK (based on your settings).

Tunnelbear VPN - Best free Android VPN App

Tunnel Bear is one of the best VPN app for Android designed for slick and fast private surfing. With 500MB per month on the free account, browse on any website anonymously and block creepy web trackers. If you need more data, you can avail of their promotions on their social media accounts.

Pure VPN:

Stable connection keeps us sane with Pure VPN. Watch streaming videos in Netflix, Hulu, get anonymous access on blocked websites and mask your IP. It has 256-bit encryption for your private data, making it safe to use even on public Wi-Fi hotspots. It has servers in most in-demand geographical locations: USA, Netherlands and Sweden. It’s provides lifetime free 500MB/month but if you switch to paid subscription, you’ll get unlimited speed and bandwidth.

Pure VPN scored very high on most app sites and boasts fast servers designed for better streaming experience. Although the app design is a bit complicated, you can find most of the answers on YouTube videos and from their 24/7 customer chat support line.

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SurfEasy VPN:

Find your way through blocked websites with SurfEasy VPN. Addressing the need for encrypted traffic, this VPN service hides your IP address and provides Wi-Fi Hotspot protection for public surfing. You can try it for FREE with 500MB per month, and if you’re not keen in paying the monthly fee, you can add more bandwidth by referring a friend and changing regions on your app settings. One account can support connections up to 5 devices, which certainly makes this one of the best VPN for Android users.

Free Surfeasy VPN - Best VPN for Android

Although with some limitations on free account features, this VPN app has garnered several reviews on being reliable and easy to use, definitely a keeper in your apps folder. No complex settings, the graphical map interface displays your public IP, where you appear to be located, and how much data you’ve consumed.

Most of this Android VPN services are free and you can use them on your Android Kit Kat (4.4), Jelly bean (4.1,4.2,4.3) and Ice cream sandwich (4.0), It is available for countries like Pakistan, China, UAE and other countries.

  • Ryano

    No doubt PureVPN is the best. I am using it on android smart phone its working awesome.

    • Carol Madsen

      I disagree Ryano.. Purevpn never worked on my phone so I have to drop my subscription with them and switch vpn provider. I am now using Astrill on my Note.

      • kpoyour anthony

        I agree Carol. Astrill rules in the vpn world regardless of where we are.