Kik Messenger for PC | Download Kik Messenger APK For Windows 7,8,8.1 Touch

Kik Messenger for PC and other devices is an awesome messenger app to connect to your family, friends and colleagues. With over 180 million users, this can easily be your favourite social chat app. It allows you to send chat messages on both text and media format. You can share photos, games and music with your friends. There is no limit on anything you send, on number of text messages or the length of the message itself. There’s also more to Kik than being a messenger app. It’s also a developer platform where mobile programmers can design APIs, add-ons to the app itself, and games as well! Also read How to use WhatsApp from Desktop

You can join Kik by creating your own log-in. You don’t need to add a mobile number to complete the registration; however you’re required to verify the account using an email address. This way, you can be updated with Kik news and in case you lose your password, you can still retrieve it via same email. After that, just login right away with your UID/password and chat with your group right away. No one else can view your messages with other people, unless you let them join in. You have the option to share your profile to people you only choose to be public with.

Kik messenger for PC

For group chats, people can create groups with Kik hashtag. In other terms, this is the group name and as the system admin or creator of that group, you can set this to be invite-only or visible to public. Other users can search and join the group using the hashtag, or other group members can invite new users to join. Apart from that, group admin also has the ability to ban or remove a member from a group to restrict his access to the messages. If a member has been banned, he or she can re-join the group only after his ID is unbanned from the group list.

The interface is relatively simple and minimalist, but you can spruce this up with different color themes. Chatting with your friends doesn’t have to be boring, you can make use of the emoticons and smileys. You can also take photos straight from the app and share it right away with your friend or group. If people get too active on their gossips, you can also turn off sound notifications.

Kik Messenger for PC | Download Kik Messenger APK for Windows 7,8,8.1 Touch Computers:

One setback though, Kik was only designed by its developers for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile only. Kik for PC is not available for Mac or Windows users. The solution to this is to install an Android emulator like BlueStacks or Andy Software. Currently this is the only way to install Kik for computer users.

  1. First, download BlueStacks from here ( Check other Android Emulators)
  2. Second, install and launch the emulator on your Windows or Mac PC.
  3. Within BlueStacks, open Google PlayStore and download the Android version of Kik. This will install it within your emulator in your local disk.
  4. Run Kik Messenger from the installed applications in BlueStacks.

BlueStacks emulator looks and works exactly like the interface of an Android phone. You’ll have access to applications installed, virtual folders and other mobile settings, but the only difference is that you’re running it on your desktop. Same goes for other emulators like Andy, which requires updated graphics driver and faster processors. Nevertheless, the concept is the same, you have to install the software and access App Playstore from there.  Working with Kiks messenger for PC using the emulator has no difference with the mobile version.

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