Do you know Best Tethering Apps for Android? WiFi Tether App

For people on travel or managing other devices, tethering is a useful feature from mobile phones. Users can connect laptops and tablets online without additional fees or data plan. You can also connect game consoles for added control and gamer experience. Android tethering app or widgets have different modes. Some can be rooted, some can be wired and some can transform your phone into a WiFi hotspot. When you need to connect other devices online, here are top 5 best tethering apps that you can use.

Best Tethering Apps for Android:


This awesome free app by June Fabric Technology Inc is a long-time favourite by thousands of Android users. PdaNet is very useful for people on-the-go, allowing Android phones to connect laptops and other devices and join the mobile phone’s internet connection with 3G or 4G.

It now contains the original PdaNEt and FoxFi. This means that you can turn your Android phone into a mobile hotspot with this WiFi tethering Android App. Alternatively, you can connect a laptop to your phone via USB cable and share the internet access with it. It’s also considered as the fastest tethering app for Android and if you have 4G, you can enjoy same speeds with your laptop with this connection. The two devices need to be paired by installing the app on your mobile phone, plus a separate driver on your Windows or Mac. The free version allows connection to typical websites, but for https or secured sites, users will need to buy the Pro license.

PDANet USB Tether


If you’re just into WiFi or wireless tethering options, FoxFi will be more than enough. Turn your Android phone into a WiFi or Bluetooth hotspot. There’s no need for rooting to activate this. Users can set their own network name, WPA2 password and can also switch to Bluetooth mode. You can connect other devices including tablets like Kindle, Nook and Xbox, PS 3, Wii game consoles. Download Videos, watch movies and use banned social networks.

FoxFi Wifi Tether

There’s also no need for a separate tethering plan and this saves money monthly. Although the free version is great with its basic features, it has limited data usage but can be unlocked with the paid version. There are also some carriers that have blocked the download links and WiFi mode, and if this is the case, you can use alternative download sites posted in Google Playstore. You can also switch to USB or Bluetooth mode.

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ClockworkMod Tether:

With thousands of users and exceptionally high review ratings, this Android tethering app rocks the Android world. It supports USB tethering for most devices running in Windows, Mac and even on Linux. There’s a separate driver that needs to be installed on desktops and laptops in order for them to connect with the phone, and this can be download via

It does not require users to root the phone or a separate tethering plan. It offers 14 day free trial with limited amount of data download per day. After that you’ll need to purchase to unlock premium features.


Offered free and just $10 for full version, EasyTether delivers what you need to connect other devices online. It gives you the right to tether your phone with two steps, install this app on your Android phone and then install a separate driver on your laptop or another device so it can join the connection. It has the same process with PdaNet. Also, if you need to connect game consoles, this feature is only available on the paid app by MobileStream.

easytether - Best tethring Android App

Extended Controls:

Extended Control is a complete mobile app package. While it’s not directly designed as a WiFi tethering Android app, the software extends to that feature. It has a massive list of options that allows you to easily manage settings on your phone, from GPS, Display, Audio, Power, AutoSync, Data connection, and USB tethering. Users can customize almost every aspect of their Android phone from color themes to labels, icons and notification sounds. With that said after heavy breathing, you also have the option to activate your phone as a WiFi hotspot for other devices with easy ON and OFF button.