Top 5 Best Android Puzzle Games (download now)

Are you fond of playing an android game? If you have your android device out there, then the chances for you to enjoy playing the best android puzzle games in your smartphone. It is very easy to search in the internet and you can easily install them by just securing that your device is android and your internet connection is fast. If you don’t want to get hassles in searching for these puzzle games, then you may consider the following android puzzle games which you can choose from.

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Two Dots

This is a very simple yet amazing puzzle game for your android device.  It requires only to follow a simple pattern where users have to connect two or more of dots. It just pressures the gamer as it requires to complete the given quota for connecting the colors in the game.  This is highly recommended for those who love playing an exciting android puzzle game these days.

Best Android Puzzle Games  Two Dots

The Room Two

It is a puzzle game that strictly requires your brain to function.  Its quality of audio and sound track during the gameplay leads to the highest level of excitement. Its great feature is about finishing the game until the highest level of the game. This is one of the reasons why it became one of the best android puzzle games and one of the high rated puzzle games out there.

Best Android Puzzle Games The Room two


This is an addictive puzzle games that perfectly fits to android devices and serves as a perfect option for an exciting game on your phone. It is quite unconventional when it comes to the approach however, it doesn’t mimic most of the available games these days. This is a puzzle game available both on paid and a free version with up to 30 levels to play.


Super Hexagon

This is one of the best android puzzle games that require high skills and ability for playing the entire number of its level. The entire design of the game has been praised by many users because it makes the game more addictive. In playing this game, the requirement is to avoid the sets of lines that are coming forward. So it means that speed of the mind and of your hand as well as your eyes in seeing the forwarding lines is the main target of the game.

Monument Valley

One of the best android puzzle games online and perfect for android devices is the Monument Valley.  It is not for free however, you will be able to enjoy this game that makes it worth every penny that you have spent for it. It is even an award winning puzzle game for android that makes it more interesting for puzzle game searchers in the internet. The difficulty of the game is not really the issue in this game which enables all interested searchers to select this.

Have all of these best android puzzle games on your android device or simply choose one. It depends upon your decision if you are going to get the puzzle games that you want for your phone.

  • Daniel Abela

    Laserbreak is AMAZING! Most original puzzler I’ve played since Portal.

  • ytytyt

    COMPLETE AND TOTAL PIECE OF USELESS TRASH!!!! Who in the world would be stupid enough to pay for this junk that NEVER works and keeps giving connection errors???!!!! Every single time I try to use it either the tether does not turn on or it says it’s connected but does not load a single website, or yet some new error. You literally have to uninstall and reinstall both the app and the program EVERY SINGLE TIME for this shit to work, which is not so easy to do when you don’t have internet connection to begin with. Sometimes not even that does it!! DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS CRAP!!!!!!!!!