Tubemate downloader for Android Phones and Tablets

Forget about buffering videos and download those files first for later viewing. Lag, slow loading videos and buffering moments can be really annoying especially when it hits the climax part of the movie or funny ad. To avoid this, you can download the video first and save it to your phone, and watch later at a convenient time. This also allows you to watch your favorite videos over and over again, even when you’re not online. This will also save you battery, data minutes and most of all, avoid getting mad at your helpless phone. If you have an Android phone, you can use the TubeMate downloader for Android.

This app is free, simple and easy to use. It features the ability to download large files and can re-enable video download on YouTube. It can also fix errors on video streaming from various social networks like Facebook and Instagram. If ever your download gets interrupted due to problems on Wi-Fi connection or you ran out of battery juice, TubeMate allows you to re-download or resume them. No need to reconnect and start from 0 bytes again.

Tubemate Download for Android

Tubemate video downloader for Android features:

TubeMate YouTube Video downloader also allows multiple simultaneous downloads. The engine design is designed for fast download mode, allowing files to complete even though there are other active downloads that can cause congestion. For other apps this is the usual problem. Once you start downloading three or more videos, the download rate begins to wither in a download slope for each file. TubeMate handles this problem perfectly and can run in the background while you do other stuff on your phone.

It also has a built-in MP3 converter for soundtracks or music videos that you want to save as audio file only. This can be very handy when you’re saving space on your internal and external phone memory. All saved movies and tracks can also be categorized on playlists managed by Meridian Player.

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Video search and sharing is easy with TubeMate video downloader free download. It has a built-in Youtube search option which also gives suggestions based on your previous choices. There’s no need to go to YouTube or another app to look for new movies or music videos. Also, you can share videos on social networks like Twitter, email and Google buzz. There’s a built-in sharing button, no need to go to Twitter or Facebook app.

What’s New from the Latest Tubemate Update?

Dubbed as the fastest YouTube downloader, there are several new and improved features from its developers. The newest version features enhanced downloading options for DailyMotion and Facebook videos. It also supports HTML5 and playlist downloads. No need to launch each video URL from Youtube, just set the playlist and let it do its work.  Subtitle downloading is also now supported which means we can now enjoy foreign media, anime, and international videos.

Another new option is that TubeMate now allows you to select the internet connection you’d like to use. Sometimes we forget that it’s still downloading large files when we sleep, and we wake up next morning with large bill of additional minutes from our mobile plan. To avoid this, you can select “WiFi only” so that the app will only start downloading when you’re connected to a WiFi hotspot. There won’t be problem when you’re on the move because you can pause and resume each download.

Apart from these small but powerful changes, the interface was also revamped. It’s now equipped with slider effects or view changer, an intuitive download progress bar and Holo-based UI. Tubemate also now has proxy support option and URL editor.

Note: All downloads and TubeMate Video Downloader usage should be for private purposes only. Commercial use is strictly forbidden.