5 Best Photo Editing apps for iPhone and iPad – free

Thanks to some rather serious developments and advances in the world of smartphone and tablet cameras, more of us are using these ingenious devices to create some very slick and artistic photography. Let’s face it, who really wants to carry a phone, a tablet and a camera as well? So with the advent of more powerful and functional photo taking capabilities, there is also a marked improvement with photo editing software and these allow the snappers amongst us to get maximum value with our digital hobby. iPhone users are fairly demanding when it comes to having the best available applications on hand and this is why we have collated a list of the best 5 photo editing apps for iPhone and iPad. So please take a few minutes out of your busy schedule to peruse our unbiased reviews, you may be glad that you found the time!

5 Best Photo Editing Apps for iPhone and iPad:

Adobe Lightroom:

Adobe App Room Photo EditingEverything that Adobe develops has quality written all over it and Lightroom is no exception. As well as having some rather slick editing features, Lightroom allows you to sync your iPhone or iPad with your PC. You can use the widescreen to ensure that your photo editing details are up to scratch and you’ll have plenty of opportunity to play with the exposure, white balance and shadows to your heart’s content. If you are already using Creative Cloud, you can store your fabulous finished slides in safety and continue using your smartphone to create some wonderful memories.


InstagramYou are forgiven for discounting Instagram as a social sharing application and nothing more but this happens to be a very capable photo editing tool as well. All you need to do to make the most of this monster platform is download the Photo Editor for Instagram from the Apple Store and you’ll soon be wowing your social buddies with your groovy editing skills! As well as some very slick Space effects, the application allows you to add Vintage effects, Frames and even Bokeh effects to your heart’s content. Instagram is a very popular application and now you can make your own contributions a cut above the rest!


Download Snapseed for PCProbably the most popular photo editing application available for your iPhone and iPad; Snapseed is a real winner in all areas. From the simple yet effective interface through to the way that you are able to save edits over earlier ones for a better end result, this bad boy really steps up to the plate every time. You can also share those wickedly tweaked slides with your social homeboys and who knows who will see your talents? You can download this directly onto your iPhone’s Camera Roll and this is why we’ll always recommend Snapseed without any hesitation! See here how to use Snapseed on Windows PC!!!


Retrica optionsDescribed as probably the best app for selfies, Retrica is not short of fans right now! You get a whopping 80 real-time vintage filters plus a bunch of functional goodies that really make this the photo editing application iPhone and iPad users yearn for! You can use the slick Retrica watermark to add some street credentials to your slides or if you prefer, simply turn it off. Hey, you can even import older saved photos and work some Retrica magic on them, whatever floats your boat! A cooler than cool photo editing application for absolutely free! Also learn how to download and Install Retrica on PC


PicTapGo Editing AppOur final iPhone and iPad photo editing application is also the easiest to use, by a country mile! The whole interface is pretty much image based and once you start tapping on those pictures, you will not be able to stop! You can also use it to post directly to Instagram without needing to crop the good stuff. You will not lose one iota of resolution and tis is why we love PicTapGo so much! Costing around $1.99 at the moment, this application allows you to have some fun whilst creating those killer slides so why not check it out today and see how crazy your editing skills really are?

We’ve review the 5 best photo editing applications just for you, please see which one you like and we hope you have hours of productive fun!

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