Best Android Media Player

Computers are also capable of playing quality videos, however, people wants more convenient way of watching videos and listen to music. From the time that smartphones and android devices were invented, people already got the chance to listen and watch for their favorite movie with convenience anywhere and anytime they mind. These days, best android multiplayers came up with specific features for providing the quality type of enjoying watching and listening to videos. If you want to know if what are these best android media players, then here are the following:

QQ Player

An application that is capable of playing quality videos and has an external codecs and that is QQ Player. The best thing about this media player is that it is capable of playing videos even if it is not being supported by your device. So it means that you don’t have any worries if you are interested in playing a video that is not typically being supported by your device or phone.

Best Android Media Player QQ Player


A well-known video player particularly for android devices as it provides perfect home screen feature and great experience for playing videos and music. This is the application for best android media player and has been famous because of its quality performance into android devices (when installed successfully). It has its earlier version for desktops yet it became controversial yet its version for android devices is amazingly great since it has been unique because of being composed of its three arts which are the videos, music and then photos.
Best Android Media Player MX video Player

MX Video Player

This is one of the best android media player because the same with other best media player, it has high quality performance in playing video. This has its checkbox feature which can be found in the settings and allows for playing music files as well as in supporting wide range of codecs. In fact, this is an award winning media player and gets the title for the category of best freeware app. In addition, this is a media player app that enables the user to use this for playing audio files too.

Mobo Player

Mobo Player is being considered as the same with MX video player because it also supports wide range of codecs or different file formats though it is not that very much straightforward like MX. It plays video fine though some users are quite confused and wanting this to become more simple.

Mvideo Player

This is an interesting application that is quite unlike other media players. Unlike the mentioned best android media player, MVideo organizes videos automatically to movies and television. Generally this came to be one of the best option since it has quality of playing videos that are quite far from a media player application.

These given best android media player are the competing media player apps these days. If you are interested in any of these, you may choose for one and install the one that you have chosen. Take further view about their features and benefits before choosing one from these media player apps.

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