Best Puzzle Games for Android Phones, iPhone, Windows and iPad

If you prefer a brain teaser to a good book or a movie, and have an Android or iOS Smartphone at the ready, you’ll probably have a handful of these cheeky Puzzle games already loaded onto your touch screen Phones. We have rounded up the best Puzzle games for Android, iPhone and iPad and here is the top ten according to us! Most of this games also available for Amazon, Windows Phones and Tablets. Also check out these great Android games 2015.

Best Puzzle Games for Android Phones, iPhone and iPad:

      1. Cut the Rope – This iPhone smash hit has been with us for around a year and is now making its way over to the Android marketplace. Essentially we are looking at a touch screen puzzler that involves cutting ropes in order to get some tasty candy into the ever waiting green monster known as Om Nom.
        iPhone Android Windows
        Cut the Rope Puzzle app for Android and iPhone
      2. Unblock me –A very simple puzzle in essence, but Unblock me is very clean and extremely addictive. The beauty of this game is the way that you can finish each stage in a short space of time, put it down and pick it up when you are ready for more fun. It does get rather tricky as the game progresses but so do all of the truly great smartphone puzzle hits.
        iPhone Android Windows
        Unblock me
      3. Candy Crush Saga – Possibly the most popular of all puzzle games to date, this smash hit is adored by Facebook regulars just as much as the legions of smartphone fans. Just so addictive and those sweets really do look good enough to eat, Android phone lovers will be licking their virtual lips.
        iPhone Android Windows
        Candy Crush Saga
      4. Guess the Emoji –A fantastic guessing game that works for all generations, Guess the Emoji is a real brain teaser that really does help build up a vocabulary in a very short and sweet time window! Emoticons that really add fun and education in one slick package!iPhone Android WindowsGuess Emoji
      5. 2048–Also available on the Nintendo platform, 2048 is everything that a mobile puzzle application should be – simple yet entertaining to the nth degree! Fans of number puzzles will love this cheeky chappy and we can’t fault it whatsoever!2048
      6. Flow Free –From Big Duck games, this logical game is all about challenging the colourful brainteasers in order to join the dots effectively. This is a thinking game and will give even the boffins out there a real run for their money!flow free puzzle game
      7. Word Search Puzzles –IceMochi have very kindly offered puzzle fans everywhere a whole bunch of word search variations that simply will not quit. You can spend hours of fun on these games and as well as being educational, they are top drawer entertainment!Word Search
      8. Gardens of Time –This HOG variant has been heralded as the bes t of its genre and that is no mean feat! The space travel puzzle game is divided into chapters and involves some very cool historical and cultural trip experiences for the lucky user.Gardens of Time
      9. Logo Quiz – Lovers of brands will no doubt have a real ball on this name dropping smartphone puzzle application. You can test out each other’s brand knowledge as well as have a real ball trying to beat your personal high score into the bargain!logo quiz
      10. Jigsaw Puzzle –Who can honestly say that they don’t love a good old fashioned jigsaw puzzle? You will have hours of wholesome family fun with this application and you can even design your own jigsaw puzzles if that floats your boat!jigsaw puzzle

Try out these 10 smartphone puzzle superstars and let us know which one is your personal favorite!

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  • Puzzler

    Being a puzzle fnatic, i have like 20 puzzle games which i play often. And then i go and search for the new puzzle games , download them ,play them if i find them good else i remove them. It is hard to accept but most of the games are either clones or are just pure crap . I recommend puzzle games to my family and friends. Recently , while browsing through play store i encountered a puzzle game , Alphabet tower , yes name looks kiddish , UI is good enough to attract you. So i ended up downloading the game, though instructions are not very clear(for first time gamer) , i was able to understand the puzzle. I think this game has some potential to develop , it is fast , good graphics (need to improve instructions) :