Can you use Facetime on Windows? Download Facetime for PC (Windows)

Apple, renowned for its array of sleek and well designed gadgets, has yet again proven their capability of designing innovative and functional applications. Facetime is their corresponding app on online communication systems like Skype, Yahoo or other chat platforms.

Why Facetime is so popular?

FaceTime allows video calling for phones or mobile devices that are online. No complex settings, just launch it and call someone. This simple innovative app connects via internet. You’ll utilize your front camera and at the same time connect to the other person. It’s video calling right from your phone, no need to go to your PC, wear headset and turn on the webcam.


In addition, it’s easy to use. Simply download the app, and launch it right away. There’s no need for you to create a separate account or username. The app utilizes your Apple ID as your contact profile. Same goes for your family and friends who have Apple accounts. Find the person you want to call and tap the name. Or tell Siri who you want to call – Ghostbusters? You can find out if someone has that Apple ID if you try FaceTime.

With the two cameras present in iPhones or iPads, or even iPod touch, you can share what can be seen through the back camera. Show where you are, share what you see when travelling and connect to your family. Real talk in real time.

Note: Video calling is just like exchanging images and video online. Make you sure your data plan or WiFi connection has ample speed and bandwidth to avoid any problems like lagging, buffering or delayed video and audio output. You’ll need decent 3G/4G connection for best results. Please contact your ISP for any related problems.

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Download and Install Facetime:

If you don’t have the Facetime app pre-installed in your phone, you can download it from the Apple Store with a cost amounting to $0.99. However, if you are using a Mac pro, Mac Mini, or Mac Air, the app is already pre-installed without any charge. Simple locate it and do the little preliminary details and you can start calling.

  1. Download the Facetime from here.
  2. Click on the “run” button and proceed with the installation procedure.

FaceTime for PC (Windows):

FaceTime is designed for Apple products only, however there are independent sites that claim they can install the app on Windows XP, 7, or 8. There are no promises from Apple and if there are any problems installing or running the app on cross platform, they won’t be responsible. It is highly recommended that you don’t try any incompatible software to your PC as this might contain malware or cause problems.

Alternative to Facetime:

There are several alternative for Windows and Android users for video calling(Facetime). You can download and use Skype, Yahoo Messenger, Google Hangouts and other free chat and VOIP calling systems. Some of these offer free calls for online accounts. If you need to call landlines and phones numbers, both international and local, you’ll need to subscribe monthly to get calling minutes.

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