Download FREE Scrabble Game – PC, Android and iOS

Whether you’re practicing for world championships or waging a game night with your friends or family, get your brain to spurt out words with FREE Scrabble Game from Big Fish and EA. This fun classic game of vocabulary just won’t grow old on anyone. Download the Scrabble game free version to your PC, tablet or on your Android or iPhone, and get one hour free game time without limits.
Play Scrabble online free game solo or with 3 other players. You have all the moves – shuffle, rearrange, recall tiles and put your best word in! Even for beginners and those looking for ways to improve their vocabulary, just turn on the Teacher feature and find the best word you can place on every turn. The brain game doesn’t just end there. Challenge your mind to think faster with Speed Play 5min. time limit for each turn. You can also play against the computer at different difficulty levels or game styles.

Below are three Scrabble styles:


FREE Scrabble Game for Android

  • Classic game – Play up to the last tile! Play Scrabble online free version with the original game rules with no word limit, no time limit.
  • 75-150 Point Game – Get to that mark to win the game! Challenge your vocabulary with this Scrabble free online game of words, strategy and wits.
  • 8-12 Rounds – Don’t waste your chance to score or pass up on each turn. Whoever scores the highest at the last round on this Scrabble free online game wins!

Want to play the game using Facebook? Download the mobile version to your phone. Show off your skills with your friends anywhere in the world with Scrabble for Android phones. Same goes with the Scrabble for iPhone version. It’s available on multiple languages like Spanish, Italian, French or even in Portuguese.

FREE Scrabble Game for iPhone

Not sure if the word placed on the board is valid? This Scrabble game free installation also comes with integrated dictionary so you can challenge words played by your opponents.  You can also use this when you’re lost in words and check which combinations will give you the highest scores. With all the features on this free Scrabble game, you can learn fast, and win fast!

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