Grindr for PC Download (Windows 7,8,8.1 Touch) – Grindr APK

Don’t be the lonely guy tonight at the bar. If you’re travelling to a new city and want to meet fellow guys to hang out with, Grindr will help you get to know people near your location. It’s the best social network for gay, bisexual and curious guys online – a hook-up application for Android and iOS mobile phones, but Grindr for PC can also be installed using mobile OS emulators. It lets you reach out, share interests and meet-up. Chat with them and swap pictures and even plan a date.

Grindr Features:

Among the best hookup apps, Grindr is currently on top of the list as an all-male social network app that’s open to 192 countries. Download, install, setup your profile and you’re connected. It offers free trial membership but you must be at least 18 years old to sign up. Members can setup profile with pictures, describe your personality and choose your tribe. You can search for your ideal man and swipe quickly through full screen profile pictures. Send a message to men you like and tag them as favorites, and even meet up on a first date. The app archives all chat messages and you can view everything you’ve talked about, delete lines, or if you don’t like someone, you can completely block them from contacting you.

Grindr for PC

The free account allows you to browse through 100 profiles. If that isn’t enough for you, upgrade your membership to a paid Grindr Xtra and you get to view up to 300 guys in your local area. The premium subscription also removes all the ads, and allows you to assign at most 3 tribes to your profile. This will help in raising your chances of meeting other guys with different personalities. You can also narrow down your search with to new advance filters like body type, age, weight, relationship status and “looking for” posts.  Also, Grindr Xtra lets you view people who are online and chat with them right away.

Types of People You Meet in Grindr:

What type of people can you meet in Grindr? It can be anyone. The guy seating on the other end of the café can be using Grindr. It can be the bartender down the block, the DJ, your boss or the buff guy on your crossfit camp. With hundred profiles to start with, you can meet all sorts of men that’s within your area. Connect to other people locally and filter your search by tribes;

  • Bear – heavy muscular physique.
  • Geek – the intellectual group.
  • Jock – balance of heavy physique and athleticism.
  • Discreet – silent and loves privacy.

There are a lot more tribes to choose from in Grindr. Most of the tribes are predominantly based on body types and personality. It helps narrow down your search and matches on the dating pool.

There are several types of guys that you can meet in Grindr. Some are flashers that are not afraid to show some skin on their profile pictures, and there can also be rugged men that are outspoken.  You can find fellow gym buffs or men with akin wanderlust. Travellers can also meet fellow gay groups and enjoy vacation with new friends. You can also meet nerdy guys and those who prefer companions that are into more sentimental dates. Also, there will be impostors or people that you don’t like. Again, if you don’t like someone who is annoying you in the app, the block feature will help stop stalking, and chat harassment.

How to Download and Install Grindr for PC(Grindr APK):

Grindr app is only designed for mobile platforms but you can still install it on a computer by using an Android emulator. Bluestacks is a great Android OS emulator and it’ll let you run Grindr on computer that’s running on either Windows or Mac OS.

  1. Simply download Bluestack emulator.
  2. Install the software and launch it.
  3. The emulator will launch the interface that looks like a typical Android screen. Once inside it, open Google Playstore and search for Grindr app.
  4. Install Grindr in your PC using the Bluestacks.
  5. Launch the app and sign-in.

If you haven’t opened an account on Grindr, do it now and meet new guys today.