iPhoto for PC| iPhoto Alternatives for Windows PC

Categorically speaking, we are hooked on smartphones because of the apps that spell convenience and enjoyment for us. With just a few clicks, we can have access with almost everything from paying our bills up to playing all sorts of games. However, dear old PC would not allow us to get trapped on our handy gadget for the whole time. After all, it will always be the star in our workplace. Now, our PC could offer more than what we are expecting, communication, research, photo editing, music creation and self- education. Best online dating Apps for your iPhone and Android.

Apple, as one of the highly regarded tech and software companies in the world for their groundbreaking innovations for the consumer market, has iPhoto for its MAC users. When Apple released Photoshop for Mac, it became the standard in photo editing softwares. However there is the need to simplify the program for people who do not have time to study the ins and outs of complex Photoshop panels. This is where iPhoto comes in.

iPhoto App

Built for household users in mind, iPhoto became the standard for photo editing and enhancement for social networks. It’s the perfect way to organize thousands of photos on your drive. It has its own built in program that can scan photos and categorize each with facial recognition. No need to tag or name each file.

It’s more than just creating albums and calendars, it also has professional filters that will let you enhance and change the story that each photo reveals. No need to worry about dull colors, iPhoto is a powerful editing tool that creates vibrant adjustments on color, hue, saturation and brightness. Choose from numerous filters that add more drama to the whole scene.

Share the best memories to your family, friends and to the world with iPhoto. Connectivity is simplified with access to sharing options to Facebook, Twitter, email and to your own iCloud drive. Apart from that, you can print and create your own photo-books.

The only disadvantage to this software is that it’s limited to Mac users. There is no version for Windows OS. There are ways to get around this. You can install dual OS on your PC, one for Mac and the other for Windows, but this means you have to switch in between. For Windows users, there are several alternative though, that you can install and use and works similarly to iPhoto. Below are the best Photo Editing software for non-Mac users.

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iPhoto Alternatives for Windows PC:

1. Adobe Photoshop:

This has been a popular photo editing software which has been used for so many years due to its proven efficiency. Professional photo editors always appreciate this app because it contains high quality options on photo editing that can create wonderful results. This is more advisable to professionals only because it is pricey than other similar apps. However, those who are passionate about editing photographs won’t mind at all because its features can be understood easily. It is really a great substitute for iPhoto. And we will never regret purchasing it.

2.Google Picasa:

This app includes background effects, colors stabilization and management, photo frames and many more. Picasa is so simple to use that even kids will easily comprehend it. Unlike Adobe, Picasa is free photo software fit for everyone.

3. Fantashow:

Most of us are fans of slideshows. We often fill our Facebook timelines and our blogs with slideshows showcasing our precious memories. Fantashow can give us a slice of satisfaction with its more than 200 themes to choose from. We can effortlessly transform our videos, photos and music into surprisingly fanciful movies. We even have the option to add intro or opening credits in order for us to beautifully share the story behind those photos. Slideshows can be saved on DVD as video file and can be instantly uploaded on Youtube and Facebook.

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4. Zoner Photo Studio:

Zoner is Picasa and Adobe combined. This is both suited for professionals and for those people who are making photo editing as a fun hobby. This is also an ideal training ground for those who want to take photo editing seriously. A newbie’s skills will be enhanced because of its advanced tools. Another wow feature is that panoramas, calendars and contact sheets can be speedily assembled from the photo manager.

5. DVD Slideshow Builder:

This contains a wide range of 2D and 3D transition effects. In fact, many others said that there are more tools in this app than iPhoto which has only basic features. This app will let us make slideshows with videos, photos and songs. Our works can be saved as a video file and can be directly transferred to DVD.

6. Photo Gallery:

This free program came from Microsoft. This can help us easily share, import, edit and organize our photos. It also has superb editing tools. Slideshows and collage can be made. This is also a well-loved option for Windows users. Creations can be shared via e-mail and in social networks.

As Apple puts it, “From your Facebook wall to your coffee table to your best friend’s inbox. Do more with your photos than you ever thought possible. And do it all in one place-iPhoto.” Who would not be intrigued to use iPhoto with this kind of statement given by its creator? For sure, everybody wants it on their PCs as well. But just as what we believe in, if we can’t have it yet, don’t despair because there is always the next best thing. The apps mentioned above will surely tickle us with satisfaction the way iPhoto does when we are using our own smartphones.