How to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone 5,5S,6,6 Plus – CopyMyData App

Have you ever needed to swap your Android phone for a iPhone or Vice Versa, or perhaps you are one of those people who have several phones and like to choose one to suit your Personal and Business requirements? If that is the case you will understand exactly how frustrating it can be when you are transferring your Contacts, Photos, and Calendar events from one Phone to the other. Continue to See How to transfer Android contacts to iPhone… (Check here Best Calendar Apps and Widgets for Android Devices)

I’ve certainly had a few nightmares when changing from an Android smartphone to an Apple device and vice-versa. The good news is that you can now make this switch far easier than before by using a very handy application known as CopyMyData to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone! We’ll talk you through the process in a step by step.

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Note:To transfer contacts from Android to iPhone you need either a Gmail account or both devices need to be on same Wi-Fi.

Steps to Transfer contacts from Android to iPhone:

  • Go to Google Play store in your Android Phone, Search for CopyMyData app
  • Download and Install CopyMyData app to Backup and restore all your phone contacts
  • Go to App store in your iOS device (iPhone 6 plus, 6,5s or other) and Search for the CopyMyData App
  • Download and Install CopyMyData app on your iOS device to backup and restore contacts
  • Now open CopyMyData on your Android device then Click on next to continueCopy My Data Startup screen
  • In the next screen select “Backup or Restore from Google Drive”Backup to Google Drive Phone contacts
  • Next Click on Backup data to Google DriveBackup to Google Drive Android
  • Enter your Gmail address and passwordSign into Google Drive
  • Click to Backup button and wait to complete backup
  • Open CopyMyData app on your iPhone and click on Backup or Restore from Google DriveBack up and Restore from Google Drive
  • In next screen click Restore data from Google Drive to transfer all contacts