Best Android Music Player

With the emerging popularity of android phones, various searching has been conducted to find the best android music player out there. Various apps have been out in the market claiming that they are one of the best. Each of them have unique features that can be distinguished from others and what made them included at the top list.

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Some of the needed features for a player to be considered as the best:

  • Themes

There are android music players that have several themes to choose from. These themes can be change to suit the song and current mood of the person playing the song. Some also allows the user to customize the background picture and they can even put their own picture as a background.

  • Shuffle

The music player should have a shuffle features. There are times where people just wanted to play random songs and music. It provides additional thrill for they do not know what song is going to play next.

  • Playlist

People love creating playlist. They create playlists so that they could group the songs by their preferences. It is also a great way to play only the songs and music that they wanted to hear for the day and for the occasion.

Best Android Music Player

  • Lyrics

Songs are best played if you can join in singing it. Since people love to sing, one of the things that they look for in music player is that lyrics can be incorporated and be seen on the phone’s screen at the same time the song is playing.

  • Previous and Next button

It is very important to have this button for there are songs that we do not like to listen to at the moment. There are songs we do not want to delete so we just skip it. Previous button are used for people who wanted to go back to a previous song.

  • Repeat

This feature is beneficial to those who wanted to memorize the melody and lyrics of a song/music or for some people who are so attached to a song that they wanted to play it over and over again.

Some of the best android music players:

  • Poweramp

This android music player is one of the best as it can support a wide of audio format. It also has graphic equalizers and supports lyrics as well. The app has a 15-day free trial that enables one to try it first then decide whether it fits their needs and whether they want to purchase it or not.

  • PlayerPro

This music player includes various options and extensions that we could use to customize the player and at the same time enjoy the music at its best. It also allows direct editing of the tag and has lock screen options.

  • MixZhing

MixZhing is popular for its automatic creation of playlist. Once you have played a song, it will automatically generate a playlist based on the album and provide recommendations you can choose from.

Music makes us feel good. It can even affect our moods. We listen to all kinds of music every day and it just became a part of our lives. With so much stress and pressure we receive, it is just right for to relax and enjoy music fitting to our moods and that is why it is very important to choose the best android music player.

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