Best WordPress Affiliate Marketing themes – Niche WordPress Themes

As technology advances, the number of WordPress affiliate product marketing sites grows exponentially.  Nearly every product that can be imagined (Slow Cookers, Motorcycle Gloves, Shaving Blades, Kitchen Knives) is now being promoted by use of websites and blogs specifically targeting these Niches.

These new marketing platforms allow consumers to find the best product what they are searching for while also providing administrators with a steady affiliate stream of income.  Building an affiliate WordPress site with a workable theme is easy, all you need is basic knowledge of WordPress customization like control the appearance, speed, advertisements, SEO on the page and writing content targeting your researched keywords.  In fact, working with state-of-the-art marketing tools allows users to get their respective sites up and running in a matter of minutes in most cases.

1. Splash Niche Affiliate Theme: (Link)

Setup your next product or service affiliation website using this responsive WordPress theme. Some Impressive features of this theme are In-built ratings posts category, flexible home page,  responsive layout, clean design, Google fonts, subscription plugins, Social share buttons, Ad management controls, infinite range of colors, and many other features. Spencer from Niche Pursuits uses this theme for his Niche site project 2.

Splash Theme

2. Compare (Link)

Compare theme is simple and professional product price comparison theme. It comes with some amazing features like Widget based home page, Localisation support, import your CSV product feed, manage ads, display latest Videos and Photos. You can customize this theme to fit your product listing and genre.


3. Viper (Link)

Free affiliate directory WordPress theme features home page image slider, custom menu, clean design, product search and blog search option and many other interesting features. It is one of my favorite free theme.


4. DailyDeal

If you are planning to run a daily deal based affiliate program this is best WordPress theme for you. Notable features are showcase daily deals, easy to manage homepage, various deal types, visitors can submit their own deals ( You can moderate these submissions) and many other features

daily deal

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  • Bob Truthteller

    “Free affiliate directory WordPress theme” Viper requires a commercial license if used with an affiliate marketing website, so technically, its not free.