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Nearly all launchers are falling into 2 categories: smart or design. Design launchers are focusing about having to let you change the whole layout of the home screen of your android phone, which create simple designs or to elaborate ones more to have a collage of photos or to be like carved wood. You may also add some custom gestures to your phone, like having your screen double tapped in order to open certain app, which makes it the best Android launcher. Adaptive or smart launchers are seek to putting information with most relevant center and front across your day, when you wake up, having to head out on your commute, working at the office and spending a night at home watching television or a night at the town. You might usually not able to modify the design of your phone with a replacement of home screen.

Design best Android launcher

You can use this launcher category in modifying or totally overhauling the home screen of your Android phone, from which you can reach it as you tap the hotkey or home button of your phone. This will be where your widgets and wallpaper live, and where you can store shortcuts to the apps. It acts as a foundation that you will be able to build upon with wallpapers, icon packs, and widgets. The best Android launcher will serve in unlocking the current limitations of design, like how many apps you will be able to fit every home screen, allowing for further modifications. You can make several changes to the feel and look of your phone with these applications alone but the fun really begin as you play with widgets, download icon packs, and hunt unique wallpapers.MI Launcher

The icon packs are changing on how the icons for all or some look of apps on your phone. Most of the packs are free and some cost some bucks, and you will need a launcher on your phone in order to use them. If you would visit around the internet, you will be able to find some amazing designs, which people built with the help of Apex, Nova or some other apps like them to match the best Android launcher that you choose. You will also need a widget tool in arranging particular design elements carefully on the screen of your phone.

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Smart replacements for home screens have various goals from the design launchers. These apps are seeking to put the information and apps that you need right in front of you, so that you will ideally never need to look around your phone. With most home screen replacements, they are getting smarter and smarter when you sue them more, because they are learning on which apps you can use the most. Some will ask for you work and home addresses, so that they will know if you are at the office or at home and will be able to show you the perfect apps for every different situation. Using the best Android launcher can be overwhelming, and it’s all worth playing around with this launcher, as they are adding lots of value and giving new life to phone with the irritating stock features.

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