Best History Eraser for Android | Android History Cleaner

If you own a PC or MAC, you will already know about how vital it is to clear down your history cache in order to create more space and better performance. But were you aware that it is also just as important to clean Android phone history as well? We are looking at the best history eraser for Android smartphones here and if you own one, you may be glad that you came across this article.

How History Eraser for Android works?

Nowadays we are using our Android smartphones for watching movies, music videos, application activity and pretty much the same as we get up to on our actual PCs and MACs. The problem with this kind of activity is the large amount of data that is left behind on our hard drives and browser systems. A decent history browser will delete all of this activity and as well as reclaiming some valuable disc space, the performance should be nice and smooth. There are plenty of Android smartphone history cleaners available, so we’ve decided to focus on the top 5 and here they are:

5 Best History Cleaners for Android Phones:

History Eraser – Cleaner:

Our first Android history cleaner is very similar to the ccleaner you get on a PC. Despite the somewhat bland name, History Eraser – Cleaner does the job in hand very nicely. You will be able to clean your history with ease and it also offers some privacy protection without the need for root access. Download History EraserHistory Eraser, Cleaner

1 Tap Cleaner (Cache, History):

This bad boy does exactly what the name alludes to you can clear all cached files with 1 tap and also follow the same action to zap your search and browser navigation history records. The defaults cleaner is also pretty slick and we particularly love the home screen widget. Download History Cleaner from here1Tap Cleaner (Cache,History)

CCleaner for Android Phones:

Already a big noise in the world of PC and MAC cleaning software, now Android devotees are able to get a fix of this very effective package. Once you’ve handed your messy history files over to CCleaner, your smartphone’s performance and space issues will be back to factory specifications – nice one!

CCleaner History Eraser for Android

Clean History – optimize

This tool has a very clean interface and will allow you to perform any number of cleaning duties with ease. You will also be able to optimize your smartphone’s memory and also specify which application history you wish to wipe out. Download and Install now

History Cleaner for Android

Clean Master Phone Boost:

Our final cleaning application is probably the most accurate of all of these tools and you can target your cache and residual files without the risk of losing data that you need to hang on to for whatever reasons. It also features a very slick Device Cooler for those who suffer from the dreaded smartphone overheat. Download it here

Clean Master Phone Boost

Okay, we’ve highlighted the current top 5 in this useful category, why not pick the one that floats your boat and start enjoying your smartphone once more?