Best Ringtone App for Android (Free) | Galaxy(S5,S4,S3), HTC One and Moto phones

Need some cool ringtones or getting tired of the old ones? Change or customize your mobile tunes with five of the best ringtone app for Android phones. Sometimes, you just need to personalize sound settings or place that favorite happy tune on your phone alarm. In some cases, some people wish that they have customized ringtones for each contact on their phone to know exactly who is calling. Whether it’s your mother or that annoying office-mate, you’ll know if you need to get off that meeting or not. These Ringtone Apps available for Samsung Galaxy (S5,S4,S3,Note), HTC and Motorola phones. If you are looking for a Ringtone app for iPhone check here.

Best Ringtone App for Android (Top 5):


Audiko lets you set the perfect ringtone for every person in your contact list. Want that happy music to wake you up every morning? Crop that beat and set it to your alarm. This app boasts easy-to-use ringtone editing features, from SMS to customized fragments of your favorite band songs (Drake, Maroon 5, or Sia for instance).

Simply download the audio file to your phone then set precisely which part of the track you want to set as a ringtone. Convert it as an Android MP3 ringtone, set it as your notification, or one for each contact on your phone-book. This way you can assign that mellow sound for your annoying office-mate, the best rap song for your friends, or that cheesy ballad chorus for your girlfriend/boyfriend.

Audiko Best Ringtone App for Android


Zedge has established itself for years as the best ringtone app for Android. You can’t go wrong with this app with the huge collection of ringtones, wallpapers and themes shared by all Zedge users. If you want something funny, scary, classical, OST music, or something that will force you to wake up in the morning – you can have it all from Zedge! Get recommendations for best wake up sounds, featured songs and artists, or set your own favorites. Most of the tones are free of charge, and are properly categorized, i.e. children, Bollywood, or hip hop. Download till you are satisfied, set one for each contact, notification or alarm sounds.

Zedge Ringtone app


Mobile 9 is a free Android Ringtones app that lets you personalize almost everything on your phone. From numerous themes, live wallpapers, apps, ringtones, SMS tones, icons – transform your mobile to any personality you want. Download from thousands of choices and set all sorts of music genre for contacts and notifications! Every day the whole collection is updated with new themes. For sure, you won’t even recognize your phone when you’re done installing and customizing from Mobile 9.


Missing the old Nokia ringtone? Use a classic one and turn heads anywhere. This app has tons of stock free mobile ringtones and SMS tones from different phone brands like Sony, HTC, LG, Samsung, Motorola, and Nokia, ranging from models a decade ago up to the latest ones. Want to dope your Motorola and make it sound like an LG or Samsung phone, you can do it with Ringtones App. Apart from the old tunes, you’ll also find simple but good quality audio files on nature and animal sounds, alarms and even on funny sound like laughing baby, and duck sounds.

Ringtone App

Talking Ringtone Maker:

Nothing gets more personalized than this one! Basically a text-to-speech app, from the name itself, you can type a message, play it, adjust pitch and speed then assign it to a contact. You can type nicknames or “Boss calling!”, and it helps in recognizing where the message was from. Beats the best ringtones for Android! Yet there is more that! You can set specific ringtones for each contact or assign one for specific apps like Facebook, Linkedin, Pandora, and WhatsApp. Want that chipmunk voice for your brother’s contact number? Type in a message, adjust the speed of the audio file and there you go.

Talking Ringtone App

The entire App is simple, and intuitive to use. You can choose from numerous accents and languages like Portuguese, Indian, French, Polish, Italian, Spanish and Korean. There’s no limit on how many you can make, and it also lets you export the audio files and use them for other apps.

My another favorite Ringtone App is Myxer Ringtones, but recently it closed it doors.