Download Dolphin Browser for PC (Windows 7,8,8.1 Touch) computer – Free

Get over your old browser. Dolphin is an amazing browser that has over two million downloads in the Google Play Store. It’s compatible with Android, iOS devices, and with an emulator, you can enjoy its features on desktop PCs as well. What’s the best reason to use Dolphin?It has an intuitive gesture feature that’s fully designed to simplify mobile browsing.You can access pages you often visit with pre-programmed gestures. And this is just one of its main features. See here how to download Dolphin Browser for PC computer.

Why Dolphin Browser is so special?


Let go of the slow ones! This is one of the best parts in Dolphin browsing. It has its very own HTML5 engine that improves loading speed of websites. Comparisons show that its 2X faster than Chrome! Now isn’t that sweet?

Sonar and One-tap Share:

Dolphin browser has the ability to listen to your voice and interpret it to text for online search. Along with that, search topics thru voice commands and handle browsing easily with just one hand. Say “Google” or “Facebook” to access your profile. To share posts and photos, just say “Share” and it’ll give you options.

Imagine this while working on something else on your desk. You’ll be able to share posts with your friends, updates to your teammates, and a lot more. You can still search for alternative recipes online even when both of your hands are busy cooking.

Dolphin Browser for PC

Dolphin Connect:

Dolphin can connect and sync data from the browser to your contacts, email client, and even to EverNote. Download Dolphins browser for PC, and synchronize all saved passwords and bookmarks on different devices – mobile phones, tablets, and to your laptop.

Easy Toggle Between Tabs:

Unlike other Android and iPhone browsers where you need to tap on a button to view hidden tabs, Dolphin actually lets you open multiple tabs. Just like browsing in a desktop, it’s easier to navigate to different pages that you’ve opened. And you know what’s even cooler than that? You can switch between tabs even without touching the screen. Phone on one hand and got the other one full? Just shake your phone and it’ll jump to the next tab.

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How to change Android home screen (Customize Android Home page)

Customize Home screen and Browser Theme:

Organize the sites that you often visit on the home screen, so when you open Dolphin, it lets you access everything easily. Set news tab, email, twitter, Facebook and other top sites you want for one-touch access. Just drag and drop websites and apps to the home screen folder.

Flash Support and Add-ons:

Don’t you just hate it when you need to access other apps just to open PDF files online and other formats? Dolphin browser is equipped and integrated with essential add-ons. Install and make full use of its compatibility to do more of your internet and business activities. You can get web add-ons to convert websites to PDF or even convert any site to other languages! Apart from that, Dolphin is compatible with Flash player. Download and install that add-on and never get that missing player error message again.

How to Download Dolphin Browser for PC (Windows 7,8,8.1 Touch):

The Dolphin browser was designed for mobile phones and tablets, and there is no version available for desktop users. However, there is another way around this. To download Dolphin browser for Windows 7,XP and Mac, you’ll need to install BlueStacks Android emulator or try other Android emulators.

Step 1. Download and install Bluestacks Android emulator on your Windows or Mac.

Step 2. Run the emulator and search for Dolphin browser at the Google Play Store.

Step 3. Install Dolphin and launch from the emulator.

If you have the APK file already on your desktop, open then file and it should launch BlueStacks from there. There shouldn’t be any problems with both methods, and from here, you should be able to run the Dolphins web browser for PC smoothly.