How to Install Android Apps on Blakberry Phones | Download Android Games to Blackberry

Like Android and iPhones, Blackberry phones have their own operating system (OS) and set of apps to download. However with the limited number of Blackberry users, there’s low demand for developers in this platform and very few quality apps are available. Unlike the competition between Android and iOS where you’ll find both versions of apps available, it’s rare to find a corresponding version for Blackberry. However for this year, there’s good news for users with OS Blackberry 10.2.1 and above. You can now install Android Apps on Blackberry using APK files. Play your favorite games Clash of Clans, 2048, Boom Beach on your Blackberry phones.

How to check your Blackberry OS version? Simply go to Options > Device > About Device, and look for OS version on the General page. If you still have a lower OS version, check if you can upgrade, or inquire with your manufacturer to upgrade OS. Android app for Blackberry option is available for Blakberry Z10, Z30, Q10, and Q5.

How to Install Android Apps on Blakberry Phones (Games/Apps):

Now the tricky part is how to get the Android apps to your phone. You’ll need a front app side loaded or installed on your BB to fully access an Android Appstore. There’s two ways to do this; install the Amazon AppStore tool on your BlackBerry or side load an APK to your phone.

Install Android apps on Blackberry

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The APK will enable you to run Android apps on your Blackberry. You can get the APK install file on APK Train Website, Snap APK Downloader and 1mobile Market. Use your Blackberry browser to download the file directly to your phone, or download the APK installer using your PC and email or transfer the file using a USB cable.

Install Android Apps on Blackberry via Amazon App Store:

There are hundreds of thousands of apps in Amazon and you can get your hands on these by installing the Amazon App Store APK. Here are the steps;

Step 1. If you’re working through your mobile phone, you have to install the Amazon AppStore first.

Step 2. Download the Amazon App Store APK here.

Step 3. For first time installation, you need to turn off the file security settings on your phone. You’ll get a prompt once you tap on the installer. If not, go to your device Settings > Security/Applications > Turn on Unknown Sources. After that, you should be able to install the file. Once finished, you can set the APK icon on the applications folder or wherever you want it.

Step 4. Launch it, search for the Android App using the Amazon Appstore and install from there.

Amazon App Store and Blackberry has a partnership which provides leverage for Blackberry users in terms of app availability. Apart from that Amazon offers a paid app that you can download for free everyday.

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Install Android Games on Blackberry via APK Train:

APK train allows you to run Android apps on your Blackberry without the need to sign-in or create an account. There are thousands of freeware apps collated all together in the website, ranging from games, widgets, productivity tools, media and video, music and the hottest Android apps.

Step 1. Go to using your BlackBerry browser.

Step 2. Look for the apps you want to install and then click on the download button.

Step 3. Install the app on your phone.

Download Android apps on Blackberry via Snap APK Downloader:

Snap APK creates a bridge to Google Play Store, allowing you to download Android apps on BlackBerry devices. You need to download Snap first and side load it to your phone. From there it should direct you the Google Play Store site.

Step 1. Download and install Google Chrome on your Blackberry or your PC.

Step 2. Download the Snap .bar file.

Step 3. Connect your Blackberry Phone to your PC using a USB cable.

Step 4. Enable the Development Mode on your Blackberry. Go to Settings > Security and Privacy and turn ON that option. Take note of the IP address in the Development settings of your device. You may set a password on it as well.

Step 5. Access the IP address in the browser and it should launch an interface for your blackberry. Enter the password you have on Development mode for your phone.

Step 6. Click on “Install Apps” and locate the Snap .bar file you downloaded earlier. Select it and install.

Step 7. Once Snap is now side loaded, you can now disconnect the cable and open the app on your phone.

Step 8. Log-in with your Google Play Store account using the Snap app. If you don’t have one, please sign up and create one. Once you’re logged in, you can now choose the Android Apps you want to install.