Top 10 Best Android Launcher Apps for your Galaxy, HTC, Nexus and other phones and tablets

The Android consumer market has recently become populated with a variety of launcher options that can tweak the existing OS into something altogether more bespoke and user focused. As with all new developments for smartphones and tablets, there are some that are better than others. If you were thinking about getting some Android launcher action of your own in the near future, this article may be just what you were looking for. We’ll be looking at the 10 best Android Launchers available on the market today.

Best Android Launcher Apps for your Samsung, HTC and Motorola phones and Tablets:

Go Launcher:

If you were looking for an Android Launcher for big screen Galaxy smartphone, you should choose the Go Launcher. It’s very flashy and launcher settings are ready and waiting from an easy to access drawer. You also have a bunch of custom lock screens and the dedicated theme storefront is very easy on the eye as well.

Google Now Launcher:

If your priority is an Android Launcher for battery life that doesn’t give up, we’d suggest that you take a look at the Google Now Launcher. This bad boy allows you some pretty cool search options and a load of hands-free commands, also a great Android Launcher for Note option.

Google now launcher

Nova Launcher:

Particularly popular as an Android Launcher for large screen Note is the Nova release, this comes with a massive selection of options with some rather slick desktop behaviors and more folder views than you will ever get bored of.

Nova Launcher on KitKat

Aviate Launcher:

As far as a suitable Android Launcher for kitkat is concerned, why not choose the acclaimed Yahoo Aviate Launcher option? Tons of shortcuts and even more customer-built interfaces have made this a smart choice as the best Android Launcher currently available.

Apex Launcher

Looking for an Android Launcher for jellybean? We can recommend the Apex release because the tweakability defies belief! You can customise gesture commands until the cows come home and animation-wise you will be able to totally transform your smartphone or tablet in a very cool way.

Apex Launcher

EverythingMe Launcher:

This Android Launcher has something for everyone and once installed you can start altering your smartphone or tablet to your own specifications. The search function is the best out there and there are dozens of contextual features that all add up to a terrific option.

Everything Me launcher

Launcher 8:

Launcher 8 will emulate the Windows 8 interface for those who wish to try that particular flavor and it’s far more customization than that platform truth be told! You can also combine this with other Windows 8 themed apps for a very close copy of the Microsoft smartphone setup.

Lightning Launcher:

Lovers of PC style desktops have already given Lightning Launcher their stamp of approval because it really does everything you would expect and then some! Very light on resources, so it’s great for battery life on older devices.

Mi Launcher:

This slick Android Launcher is built over ADW Launcher so you will be able to run your icon packs at will. Oodles of regular features that include scrolling options and widget re-sizing make this a very likable option.

MI Launcher

Smart Launcher Pro 2:

This Android Launcher is extremely light on resources and employs a minimalist design that appeals to the more laid back smartphone and tablet users out there. Also has Google TV support and the download is on 2MB, so what is not to like?

So we’ve shown you the best 10 Android Launchers out there at the moment, choose your favourite and enjoy the show!