Best Android Keyboard

The use of keyboard is essential for sending emails or text messages. Without the best android keyboard, communicating with the use of smartphone may become a torture that an individual may experience. As it is one of the must installed aps for your smartphone, you have to make sure that you are going to find the best android keyboard only (if you have your android device). This is to make sure that you will be able to communicate and get the best out of it for using your phone with a keyboard. In searching for the best one, you may take a look at the list of keyboards which are being as the best option by many people and here are the following:


Swypes, is one of the best android keyboard is came to be a respectable one for features that are perfectly made, this allow the user (you) to simply swipe out the words or the whole sentence of your message to become right. This is the apps that are capable of supporting the typing capabilities of two languages particularly for bilingual users.

Google Keyboard

For one of the popular best android keyboard, Google Keyboard never failed to amaze its users. This is an app that is totally for free and supporting the gesture typing for individual words and sentences. There are also selection of languages and selection of themes. It is even the unique keyboard apps as it is the very first keyboard that features the library for Kit Kat emoji from the last year.

Best Android Keyboard


Swiftkey is one popular keyboards for Android devices. After years when that it has been introduced, many people have been hooked by the capacity of this apps to become the best keyboard for android. Even until now, the quality of Swiftkey is perfectly made for android users. Swiftkey has this prediction method as a feature which is known as the fluency engine. It is also the app that includes flagships for devices.


Flesky is the keyboard apps that essentially exude together with its minimal styling and themes that are   always available. This best android keyboard is not cheap although they are offering their 30 days trial and this will allow you to observe and experience this keyboard apps for android. After paying the keyboard, the themes will also be paid including the licensed themes.


If useful features for a keyboard are what you want, you have TouchPal as one of the best options you have. It has earned more than 10 million installs and held its unique feature which is the freemium model for a keyboard that is always for free. Its theme is paid and the cloud syncing before the rest of best keyboards for android has been launched.

These five best android keyboards are the popular keyboards that you should not hesitate to try too. Be able to try each of the features it is providing for free or with a specific amount of payment. Installing keyboard is an essential things for communicating through email and text messages with your android device so consider searching for the best keyboard.

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