Download best free selfie apps for iPhone, Android and Windows phones and tablets

Selfies are the new world order. They became extremely popular along with smartphones and now you can see people taking Selfies in every corner of the world. A lot of apps have also been designed to assist people take Selfies like professionals. Keep on reading this article to learn more about the 5 best free selfie apps that are available for the people to take Selfies. Most of this apps available for iphone, iPad, Android and Windows Phones and tablets.

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Download best selfie apps for iPhone, Android and Windows tablets:

Instagram –
This app revolutionized the way that people take photos and share them on social media channels. Instagram allows people to take Selfies and edit them with the assistance of a large number of tools. For example, you can edit details like saturation, exposure and contrast to make your selfie really pop. These filters can easily be applied to any photo. The best thing about Instagram is that they have provided a separate platform for you to upload the photos. You can even integrate it with your other social media profiles and share your selfies.

Instagram app
oSnap –
oSnap can be defined as the most simplest camera app available for iPhone users. Therefore, it has become a popular tool in the present world to take selfies. You cannot find a shutter button in this app. If you need to take a selfie, you just need to tap carefully. This app is not loaded with any editing features, menus or settings. You can simply turn it on, take a selfie and close.oSnap selfie app for iPhone

Frontback – Frontback can be defined as a perfect app available for all the people who are obsessed with the things around them. If you want to add your photo of your face to something that you see, this is the perfect app available out there. It will assist you to take photos from both front and rear cameras at once and merge them into a single photo.


Download Frontback app for iPhone and Android phones

CamMe – At Mobile World Congress, CallMe won the award for the most innovative app. If you have ever taken a selfie, you might know how hard it is to tap on the screen when taking the selfie. But CamMe can make the life easy for you as it uses your gestures to take photos.

CamMe App

Download CamMe app for iPhone phone and tablets

Selfie Cam – This is an app that is specifically designed for taking selfies. It has only the selfie mode. You can also find some interesting stickers in this app that can be used to spice up your selfies and make them look great.

Selif cam

Download Selfie Cam for iPhone and Android phones and tablets

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