How to download Garageband for PC (Windows 7,8,8.1 Touch) – Garageband Alternatives

Music artists are not just singers and musical instrument prodigies. Studios often create masterpieces using mixture of hardware and software techniques to produce the music hits that we have today. Both amateur and professionals can use GarageBand recording studio software, created by Apple for Mac users. This music software allows anyone to create their own tracks and songs even without the use of any live instrument. GarageBand has numerous features that make it easy to create music like a pro.

Here are some of the awesome features that you can do in this virtual music studio.

Why Garageband perfect fit for everyone?

First Music Lessons:

There’s an on-board Piano interface where you can learn to play your favorites and famous hits. You’ll go through each step with intuitive feedback based on your speed and perception. From beginners to intermediate students, this can be a great supplement outside formal piano lessons.

Guitar lessons are also available on GarageBand. Learn about notes, combinations and how to read music pieces. Take your beginner skills to intermediate and advanced levels based on 40 music lessons. Study and learn at your own pace.

Garageband for PC

Avid Drummer:

Create your own virtual drum studio with GarageBand. Play for fun or create your own tunes with popular songs with the wide set of custom drum kits. Have your own virtual lead guitarist, bass drummer and you as the lead drummer! You can also customize the personality of each artist, whether a rock-star, hippie or alternative, you can listen to their styles and groove.

Music without Instruments:

Making music with GarageBand is so easy that you don’t need an entire band in front of you. It contains more than 100 instruments – from guitars, violin, percussion and strings. Mix tones and effects from the large array of pre-recorded sound effects and beats. You can play with guitar and vocal mixes and add drum beats and techno to create your own track. Choose from different types of organs – vintage, classic rock, jazz, and grand. There are also tunes from different types of guitars and beats – 60’s combo, electric, country, SoCal rock and alternative strings.

Virtual Recording Studio:

Tight budget but can feel the music oozing out of you? GarageBand is an all in on virtual recording studio. Compile all your self-made tracks, beats, adjust rhythm issues, all of that is possible with this free software. Also, you can download and install GarageBand for iOS or iPhones so you can create your music anywhere.

Easy Interface:

Garageband is not for the faint of heart, but it’s all easy for anyone to use. The interface is simple, you can manage edits on one side, and the music panel on the other. Apart from the music lessons, MIDI editing is possible to every bit of your song. Improve vocals and clarity of chorus lines, amplify bass, and adjust or remove echo. You can also customize your virtual studio, design the positions of each instrument and even get a 3D view of it.


Save all your projects on cloud to make sure that nothing goes to waste. You can share your work online or save your tracks for access on all devices. That way you can access your music anywhere, anytime. You’ll never know when you might bump to an opportunity to showcase your work.

All these great features are available on Garageband download for PC. There are several positive reviews on how Apple creates their software for Mac and iOS. For some, when we hear free software or app download, we don’t expect full-access to great features. But with GarageBand, more and more artists appreciate the value they get on Mac developers.

There are alternatives to this music editing studio, but if you’re looking for something to start with on your music career or hobbies, GarageBand is free and apt for any skill level.

How to Download and Install GarageBand for MAC:

Garageband for PC software is available for free download for Mac users.

Step 1. Go to this link from Apple to download it for free.

Step 2. Open the installer on your Downloads folder and it should install the software in couple minutes.

How to Download GarageBand for Windows 7,8,8.1 and XP:

For Windows OS, there is no compatible version of GarageBand. The software was solely created for MAC users. However there are GarageBand alternatives that you can use;

Audacity is an excellent freeware for recording and auditing audio. You can record live music, vocals, and streaming audio, and export/import files in various formats like WAV, FLAC into 16-32-bit tracks. It’s also loaded with effects like echo, phaser, reverse, and pitch. You can also clean up audio files from hiss, static and humming sounds in the background.

Abbleton Live:
Abbleton is a powerful digital audio editing software. From recording to effects, rendering and into production, it’s an all-around recording studio. It has its built-in software tutorial, and its own audio to MIDI converter. It’s also equipped with virtual instruments and over a thousand sound files that you can use in loop for your tracks. You can try this powerful alternative for 30 days or purchase packages, Intro Abbleton Live 9 starts at US $79

This one is another great cross-platform music studio software. LMMS is free and can be installed on Windows, Mac and Linux OS. Just like GarageBand, you can synthesize and mix your own tracks. It has its own built-in MIDI keyboard, game sound effects, triple oscillators and other digital sound plug-ins. It’s also bundled with bass enhancer, distortion, FX mixer, piano roll editor and multi-voice additive.