Racing Moto for PC | Install Racing Moto APK on Windows computer

Moto racers have something new to celebrate. You can run Racing Moto on your Windows computer! Android and is NFS fans can now race as fast as you can in motorbike style! Ride like there’s no end to the highway through city traffic and desert landscapes.

The goal is pretty simple, go as fast as you can and beat high scores. Click and hold to access speed booster and you’ll keep on accelerating as long as you can hold the screen. You’ll know you’re in boost mode with the indicator on the upper right. The faster you go, the farther you go, the higher you score. Racing Moto, Dungeon Hunter, Clash of clans are some of the best games for your PC.

However, as you go faster, there’s that greater probability in slamming through one of the cars or trucks ahead. If you’re going to play it safe and slow, your score won’t go up. But if you hit the booster, are willing to take that risk? Certainly yes on game-play, but on real life, don’t try this.

Racing Moto for PC

Racing Moto for PC may be another fun time-waster with its simple concept, however it can get really addicting as you claim hours of starting over and over again to master game control. You are rewarded with new levels for every 1000km, and you can collect coins and purchase new motorbike models.

How to Download Racing Moto for PC | Install Racing Moto on Windows computer

It’s not a full Windows or Mac version, but Racing Moto can be launched via Android emulator program BlueStacks. This emulator is known for its uber easy setup and is designed for most games from Android platform. You can install this on either Mac or Windows OS.

  1. To Play Racing Moto on your Windows PC, First download the BlueStacks player.
  2. Install player to your PC, in Windows or Mac.
  3. Launch the emulator and then search for Racing Moto at Google Play.
  4. Install the game to your PC and you’ll see the icon under My Apps menu.
  5. Launch game and play it just like in a mobile phone or tablet. Once in the game, touching the screen will start the game right away.

Racing Moto for Android from here.