How to use Whatsapp on PC|Download Whatsapp for PC(Windows 7,8 computers)

WhatsApp is an awesome Android/iOS application that has been wowing folks for a few years now. WhatsApp is the official number one social messaging app for smartphones and it’s now available to use on your Windows 7,8 computers! WhatsApp for PC takes the whole messaging app to a whole new level and you can now stay in that loop whilst working or playing at home or in the office. If you like the sound of this new direction, simply read the rest of this article to know how to use WhatsApp on PC and we will show you how to get some WhatsApp magic for your PC in a few easy to follow steps, You can install WhatsApp APK on your Windows computers.

How to use WhatsApp on PC:

Alright, keeping in touch around the clock with your social media buddies is all well and good on your smartphone, but there are a few limitations. If you are busy on your PC, checking your phone can be a right pain? By installing this Android classic on your PC, you will soon have several ways to stay in touch whatever you are doing. As with all Android applications, you will need a serious emulation application to run on your Windows based machine, and we’ll now walk you through the steps in logical fashion.

WhatsApp for PC

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Download WhatsApp for PC | Install WhatsApp APK on your Windows computer:

We will always recommend that you select the BlueStacks Android Emulation application when running this type of program on your PC, and here is how to do exactly that:

  • Get yourself over to the official BlueStacks site
  • Download the BlueStacks app onto your PC
  • The installation will take a few minutes and you can choose full screen or windowed mode.
  • Once installed you can use the search box to locate WhatsApp.apk file from Google Play Store.
  • Install the WhatsApp apk file and open up using your BlueStacks Android emulation application.
  • You will need to enter your smartphone number for verification purposes.
  • This will fail and then you will have to choose the voice activation option.
  • Once this has succeeded you can start using WhatsApp for PC.

Start using this excellent social media messaging service and pretty soon you will be able to stay in touch with your buddies whatever you are doing, just don’t let the boss know!