Top 5 Piano Apps

The top 5 piano apps lets you run your fingers over the virtual keys, learn notes and scales or simply have a great time playing your favorite tunes on your desired device. With numerous extra instruments and great features, these applications let you accomplish more than simply playing the classic piano. Other musical applications  such as Garageband compliment piano apps. These piano apps are available to be downloaded for both Android and Apple store.

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With the best piano apps accessible on the online Market, mastering octaves, notes and scales has now turned out to be simple. You can use your fingers to play the piano virtual keys as well as save your own piano sample by using the built-in sampler. You can be most familiar with piano scale and notes on your convenient device. With the integrated recorder sampler and multi-touch bolster, additional instruments, piano apps give the same classic piano experience right on your device.

Top 5 Piano Apps

It is only up to you to choose from the various piano applications that are available on the net. However, in this article, you will be able to recognize which are the best piano applications to use. Here is the complete summary of the top 5 piano applications that you can prefer:

  1. Learn Piano HD

In the past years, learning piano is hard and very expensive. But with Learn Piano HD, you can obtain the same lesson for a cheap price of $1.99. This application will now be your private tutor to teach you piano lesson wherever and whenever you want. Basically, it will be your guide towards learning and playing piano.

  1. Piano Dust Buster 2

The music plays a big part when you are playing piano. Hence, it is sometimes difficult to learn piano if the featured music doesn’t give you any excitement and motivation. But with Piano Dust Buster 2 you will experience the best piano music that will set up the mood that you want. You can then learn how to play a piano. Piano Dust Buster 2 is totally free plus the feature of the game is beyond what you expected.

  1. Karajan Pro

Understanding the theory of music is another thing that can help you in learning playing a piano. Well, Karajan Pro is generally designed to train you before you begin playing a piano. It will enhance your mind and ears. As you pass on the training, you will be able to recognize and identify the piano’s key signature, tempo, intervals and many more. All of these things can be achieved with an amount of $9.99. You can learn piano by means sitting behind the keyboard.

  1. PianoMan

A great way to learn piano is having a competition at it. At PianoMan, it includes competition for you to be motivated on learning piano. Not only that, you can play with other people who also want to learn piano online. Moreover, you can download your most favorite and newest songs for you to play with your foe.

  1. Steinway Etude

If you are having a trouble of reading the piano keys well, Steinway Etude will be the one to help you with your problem. Apart from it, it is totally free. When playing the app, the synthesizer and on-screen keyboard will be an effective guide towards your learning.

So, why spend a lot of money to learn how to play the piano when you can learn the piano while making the most fun of it at any piano apps. It is just up to you to choose from it.

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